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The online tactic based game Magic: the Gathering—Tactics is going offline. This spin off game from Sony entertainment and Wizards of the Coast will no longer be available to players. This 3-D game that looks like World of Warcraft had a three year run. While it had a short run, it was still part of the Wizards franchise.

What goes well with McDonald fries? Now what happens when the fast-food-chain stops selling Heinz ketchup?  According to the Independent, when Heinz hired a former, “head of Burger King as its new executive,” McDonald will no longer be carrying the Ketchup.

There are game tournaments for cash, then there are tournaments for charity. Extra Life is hosting a 24 hour marathon of gaming to raise money for local children’s hospitals, The Mass Media of Boston said. This event is open to any form of game. This includes board, card, and interactive as well. For the first time all gamers can help the less fortunate.

Magic: the Gathering is releasing new duel decks (Jace vs. Veraska) and new Commander Decks.  This is the first time that Wizards has given one of its main characters a second appearance in duel decks.  While the new commander decks take an original twist to the Elder-Dragon-Highlander (EDH) format.

History Chanel has presented many unique shows (Such as The Bible) to viewing audiences. Now in cooperation with Lifetime and A&E have begun filming “Bonne and Clyde.” With what History.com is calling, “Its stellar cast,” that includes William Hurt and Holly Hunter this series bring the events of Bonne and Clyde to the new age.